Staff Leadership

Brett Mosher
Executive Director

Brett is passionate about helping people experience real life– full, deep, and overflowing– as they come to really know Jesus and live life with God. He has served as a pastor at Oakwood church since 2004 and as Executive Director of New Braunfels Christian Ministries since 2010.

Jennifer Covington
Development Director

With extensive development experience at hospitals in New Braunfels, Fort Worth, and Houston, Jennifer helped launch NBCM in 2008.

Stacey Minor
Operations and Finance Director

Stacey joined NBCM in 2018 and brings experience as Executive Director of a non-profit organization. As a Licensed Master Social Worker, she offers extensive experience empowering families to live their best lives.

Jamie Ezell
Interim Kids' Club Director

Jamie enjoyed 20 years of working with families and their children, providing resources and direction for assistance. In 2018, Jamie joined NBCM with the goal to provide encouragement and support to families, but also to express the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ashley Woodward
Volunteers in Medicine

Ashley joined Volunteers in Medicine in 2018, leveraging her healthcare and networking experience to serve our community with the love of Christ.

Debbie Gentry

Operations and Finance Coordinator

Debbie has served as Administrative Coordinator for Kids’ Club since 2014. In 2018, Debbie joined the NBCM staff, leveraging her experience and gifts God has given her to serve the ministry as a whole.

Staci Osterkamp

Communications Coordinator

After 5 years of teaching at a local university, Staci joined NBCM in 2017 with a desire to be a part of the life change that the hope of Jesus Christ brings.

Bre Jamerson

Grants Coordinator

Bre has worked in the nonprofit community since 2013. With her experience in development and devotion to help others in our local community, Bre joined NBCM in 2018.